I read Gawker Media sites almost all damn day long. Mostly at night, but sometimes during work. It's incredibly good content, and I really enjoy both the articles as well as the resulting comment conversation. So, upon the start of the Catholic Lenten Season, I've decided to give it up.

I'm not a very observant Catholic, and was never interested in the fire and brimstone aspects of faith anyway, but always appreciated the notion of the Lenten sacrifice as a means to refresh one's perspective on life. I'm not going to pray over it, or anything... faith-ish like that. However, where sacrifice engenders discipline, reflection, and personal, (hopefully) positive growth, I hope that "giving up" Gawker will allow me to make the most of Lent 2014, as well as my general, ordinary-liturgical-season endeavors to become a less-shitty person.

And so it begins. I don't really have any followers, and I don't expect anyone to read this (hope not, actually), but figured that writing this down would be the best way to commit to something like this.

So, to Gawker media oblivion: see you in April!